. Codebase

Everything has to be built twice, it's starts as an idea, evolves into a concept and later - it can be reality. All great human achievements started as an idea and my job is helping you from an idea, down to the sketch board and up into reality!

I've chosen the pigeon as a representative for this design layer because, not only does it always find it's way; but therefor it is also a strong symbol of communication! Now, of course! Today we have faster ways of communicating and a website (or a web app) is probably one of the most efficient ways of passing a message to the wider audience!

What do you want to communicate?

I'm specialized in the widely used and accessible language PHP which I'll hack with a passion! But I've also explored and familiarized with other languages such as Python and Javascript (node.js) and I believe each tool has it's advantages and disadvantages. I love PHP because it's is so accessible and easy to get results with and since I am so familiar with it there is a big chance that I will be able to work on YOUR project as well.

I also of course use other technology such as elixir, phoenix, jQuery, AJAX and when it comes to databases I experiment freely using everything from MySQL, PostgresSQL and NoSQL solutions such as MongoDB and CouchDB...

If what I just mentioned just sounded like hieroglyphs for you it basically means that I am well equipped for most web based projects so just get on and hire me already! :) For further inquiries: johan.saldes@gmail.com

So to wrap it all up...

I'm a explorer of well tested and new experimental technology. As such, using and manipulating computers and bytes is one of my greatest passions; which is awesome because it just happens to be it's also my forte! So let's build something together!

When I am not coding I love spending time in nature and besides that I am also a electronic music producer and composer! I'd love to get involved in some project where I could come up with interesting sound effects and maybe even create a bit of game music!

Thanks for showing interest in my work. For further inquiries: johan.saldes@gmail.com